日本に滞在中のNYダンサーモデル、Adetunji Shennaike(アデツンジ・シェナイケ)さん

Adetunji Shennaike アデツンジ・シェナイケ Instagram YouTube
NY出身 NY在住 日本に滞在中

ダンサーモデルとして PUMA x JAHNKOY(fashion week shows)に2度参加
2012年~2014年 ミュージックビデオに出演
2013年 West African Cultural showに出演
2015年 Chinese Ballet
2016年 Artistic Black Culture Performance
2021年 Red Bull Chicago competitionに参加





Thank you so much. I speak some japanese, maybe as much as a middle schooler. I’m pretty bad with kanji.

I started learning Japanese seriously in college, I had a lot of Japanese friends and was dating a Japanese girl at the time. So I decided to learn.

I had help from textbooks and one of the finance instructors was Japanese. He would help me with Japanese during his lunch break, he was super nice. 

When I was a kid I actually wanted to be an artist because I was drawing a lot with my older brother and my friends.

Later on I wanted to be a math teacher around highschool, my teacher at the time Mr. Kenner inspired me to want to help kids get better with numbers. Math is really important, I felt.



I still draw quite often today, so I want to say I haven’t given up on being a professional artist, but it is something I do in my free time and not as a full time job. 

Currently my dream is to invent, I want to make things that people dream about and make it available for everyone.

I’m currently taking electrical and mechanical engineering courses online so that I can get a better understanding of how to transform my creativity into real functioning objects.


はい。NYのファッションウィークなどでPUMA x Johnkoyなどのモデルをしました。



Yes, I did a few events like the PUMA x Johnkoy.(fashion week shows)

To me, dance means a lot of different things.
Sometimes it feels like a weight that I have to carry and lift up for others to see and be inspired by. Sometimes it feels like freedom, like when you don’t have to worry about anything at all.
Sometimes it feels like courage, like when you try something new and aren’t sure how it’s supposed to work yet.
sometimes it feels perfect like nothing else exists but me and the music. 

Dance means I can be myself and anything I want at the same time.
Dance is creation, it’s a manifestation of all the emotions you’ve ever felt in your life, it’s moving through your mind’s eye to explore the secrets of the universe.

Dance is fun.





I’ve been to Japan 3 times so far and will be going again next week actually. In both Tokyo and Osaka, I really liked the game towers, there are a lot in Akiba and Denden Town.The absolute best thing was the Ramen, such a huge difference in taste, texture, and quality compared to NYC.  

I enjoyed how the scenery can be very different, very quickly. Like going from Asakusa to Shinjuku to Shibuya. Plus I could find niche stores for just about anything, one store I had gone to sold only headphones and they had hundreds of them. 

Osaka was nice to walk around and explore, when I was there I would roam the streets trying to walk down different places I hadn’t been to yet.  I spent a lot of time dancing in an underpass home to some local street dancers with different styles.




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