Broadway In Japan ロングインタビュー(前編)ー 本場NYブロードウェイのレッスンを日本で


Broadway in Japan(BIJ)では実際にブロードウェイの有名ミュージカルで活躍する俳優達を日本に講師として招き、ワークショップを行っています。今年の6月にも日本でワークショップの第三弾を開催予定です(詳細は後編の最後をご覧ください)。今回はBIJ創立者、ディレクターであり、本人も実際に「RENT」等ブロードウェイの舞台で活躍するマユミ・アンドウさん、そしてアソシエイト・ディレクターで日本の舞台でも活躍中の辛源さんにお話を伺いました。BIJにという団体について、そしてお二人のミュージカル俳優になられたきっかけなどまでたっぷりお話いただいたロングインタビューを前編、後編にわけてお送りします。



−−−−まずBroadway in Japan (以下BIJ)とはどのような団体なのでしょうか?


マユミ: BIJ is a passion project for me–it combines everything I believe in into one program–and I want to share it.





マユミ:I observed a lot of Japanese people who have spent their life savings to study dance and singing in NYC, and I thought that there must be a better, more affordable way for Japanese performers to get NYC training. BIJ brings New York to Japan, essentially. I think it is a great form of cross-cultural education in the Performing Arts. We’ve done BIJ workshops twice officially in Tokyo since we launched last year. And what we learned is that beyond being an educational program, we have created a community, which is incredible! We observed how our faculty—teachers who are professional musical theatre actors and directors—inspire our students. Some students were so inspired that they have come to NYC on their own to continue training, but with more knowledge and connections than they had prior to BIJ. At the same time, our teachers tell us that they are attached to Japan now, and that the students have changed their lives for the better. We are continuing to keep in touch, particularly through social media, so our community is strengthening and growing, which is very exciting.

(私たちは多くの日本人がNYでトレーニングを受けるために貯金をはたいている人をいままでみていて、もっといい方法がないか、模索していました。そこで、私たちはNYを日本に持ってくることにしました。パフォーミングアーツにおいて、とても有意義な異文化教育のカタチだと思います。私たちは今までに東京で二回BIJを行っていますが、その中で私たちが学んだことはBIJが教育プログラムを越えてコミュニティを作り始めているということです。これは素晴らしいことです! プロのミュージカル俳優であるBIJ講師達が生徒達をインスパイアしているのを間近に目撃しました。BIJを受けたことがきっかけで、ニューヨークに単身で留学にいった生徒も何名かおり、BIJで作ったコネクションや知識をフル活用しています。同時に、BIJの講師も日本が大好きになり、日本での経験で人生が変わったと言っているんです。私たちはこれからも継続的にBIJのコミュニティーとSNSを通して連絡をとりあい、相互に成長する方向にもっていこうとしていて、とても楽しみです。)




マユミ:Everybody! Originally we aimed to offer professional Broadway training to the professional musical theater community in Japan, but we’ve learned that it does not matter what level we teach. If someone has never taken dance class, he/she joins us anyway. We’ve had beginners in the same class as Japanese professionals such as Mizu Natsuki (Takarazuka), Chihiro Otsuka (In the Heights), and Sylvia Grab (On the Town). Regardless of who is attending, one thing our teachers don’t do is “dumb down” class. They are in Japan to introduce Broadway-caliber training, so classes are tough! But the teachers are also aware of the various levels of students, and make sure everyone is challenged, but not left to feel defeated. This mix of levels is very New York and perhaps goes against traditional Japanese education. But it has worked well so far for us! As we expand, we plan to create more classes and workshops solely for professionals.





マユミ:This idea is at the heart of BIJ because I think it is the only way that we can continue to grow as creative people. People who try new things, make mistakes, and keep forging through their fears are the people who grow the quickest. Offering a safe space to create and learn is our goal. An example of growing through mistakes is how to learn to handle mistakes at auditions. We teach this technique and mindset at BIJ. When you make a mistake, you stick out. Sticking out is not necessarily a bad thing! If you handle your mistakes well, it allows the people behind the table (casting director, director, etc) to see how you quickly handle problems. They can see you beyond the performer that you are, but as a unique individual who can think on her/his feet creatively and wisely. Imagine a casting call where you are required to watch hundreds, even thousands of performers. You can understand how someone’s uniqueness helps them be remembered.



−−−−Mock Audition(模擬オーディション)もプログラム内で行っていますよね。


マユミ:I think that at real auditions everyone is nervous, so we introduce the mock audition on the first day of the workshop – it simulates best what a NYC audition is like. It is nerve-wracking for many, but what students soon discover is that BIJ is a safe place. Even though it is initially daunting, the fact that you got through the mock audition and completed BIJ will be key experiences for the future.








マユミ:As I mentioned, BIJ is a passion project of mine; it’s basically based off of the way I look at my life. All that I love is BIJ. Even though I had great job, I wanted to do something more impactful that included my family and friends and possibly, the world. I knew that to be close to my family who live in Japan now was important. I also wanted to be able to work with all the friends who I worked with on Broadway and introduce them to Japan—an important part of my background. Finally, I wanted to continue to have the performing arts as an integral part of my life. When I thought about an ideal career/future, it turned out to be BIJ.





マユミ:The most important thing we have is what no one has in Japan. We bring the most contemporary and up-to-date training and performance to Japan. Musical theatre on Broadway is constantly changing. We don’t bring what was popular 20 years ago – although we respect, treasure, and are influenced greatly by it. For practicality’s sake, we want Japanese performers to have the opportunity to learn from what and who are in season now. For example, two performers who were in IN THE HEIGHTS joined us as teachers in the first BIJ workshop, and we were able to teach Broadway original IN THE HEIGHTS choreography, which is a combination of jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. Learning original choreography of a new show is not only exciting; it is the best way to stay up to date in current Broadway dance styles.

(BIJが提供するものの中での一番重要なのは、最も現代的な、最新のトレーニングやパフォーマンスです。これは日本ではBIJ以外では提供されていません。ブロードウェイミュージカルは常に変化しています。20年前に流行ったスタイルだけをもってくることはありません。もちろん、その流れには敬意を払い、大切にし、影響を今でも受けています。しかし実用性の観点から、日本の生徒には出来るだけ最新のトレーニング方法を提供します。 例えば、第一回のBIJにはミュージカル「イン・ザ・ハイツ」に出演していた俳優が講師として参加しました。「イン・ザ・ハイツ」では俳優達はヒップホップを踊りながら演技をします。そして、BIJでもブロードウェイの「イン・ザ・ハイツ」のオリジナルの振付けを教えることが出来ました。それはジャズダンス、タップダンス、ヒップホップを組み合わせた振付けです、伝統的なジャズではありません。最新のブロードウェイミュージカルのオリジナル振付けを学ぶ機会は楽しいという以上に、最新のブロードウェイのダンススタイルを知り、アップデートしていく一番の方法なんです。)


辛源:僕の考える大きな違いは、先生からの指導やフィードバックが駄目出しじゃないということ。僕の経験からすると歌い方が良くないとかダメだしというかたちで指導が始まることが多いんです。勿論ダメだしが必要なこともありますが、それに慣れると、問題は俳優が自分で考えることをしなくなること。自分でActing choiceを作って芝居ができない俳優ができあがってしまうということです。演出家のまるで振付けを与えるように動きを全て決める演技指導に慣れると、いざ自分で演技を考える場面でできなくなってしまう。BIJでは先生たちがフィードバックのなかでダメだしではなく「誰に対して歌っているのか」とか、「じゃあその人に向かって歌ってみて」、「その人に近づきたいけど近づけない、その葛藤を表現してみよう」とか足し算の演技指導をすることでダメだしをせずとも自然にいらないものが削がれていく。これによって俳優が自分から積極的に演技をするし、演じている俳優も楽しい。BIJでは演じることの楽しさを覚えて帰って欲しいし、実際の受講者の感想でも改めてその楽しさを思い出したという人も多かったです。


マユミ:It is important to enjoy what you do, and feel free and confident in making your own choices.












マユミ:We are very selective about our faculty members. We don’t want to just offer famous people. Throughout my career, I was able to meet very like-minded performers, directors, musicians, etc. We share the same heart, the same idea and the same goal. When I ask them if they are interested in coming to Japan as faculty of BIJ, they immediately jump on board because they believe in the mission of BIJ. It is also key that they are not only successful performers, but also successful teachers. Being a good performer and a good teacher are not synonymous. To be able to be good at both is rare.





(取材・執筆 関詩織)

Broadway in Japan

本場ニューヨーク、オン・ブロードウェイ・パフォーマーだけで構成された最強のプログラム! / BIJ provides professional, Broadway-caliber, performing arts education in Japan!


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